Our Culture

“This is Blaqstar Wear: The official gear shop for Blaqstar Farms; The World’s Premium Black Owned & Black Grown Cannabis Company. My name is Bryant Mitchell. I am a California trained cannabis farmer with over a decade in the California weed game. Ten years ago, I walked away from a lucrative career as a consultant in the petroleum industry to pursue my passion; building not just the best Black cannabis company but The premiere cannabis company that is a Black company. This has been a 10+ year journey from seed to legacy and I’m just getting started. 

Why Blaqstar Wear? Frankly, I’m here to plant a flag and state a claim: Blaqstar is here. Get ready. While tending my plants, I’ve always had this vision of a local spot that I could chill after. A place open, calm, and relaxing. Someplace where the music was always good, the art inspiring, and the conversations engaging. When I began to build a site for Blaqstar Wear, I realized I could build it into anything that I wanted. And what I want is a space to celebrate the things I work hard to enjoy. Cannabis isn’t just about getting high; it is a diverse and beautiful culture. 

Within cannabis culture, Black Cannabis Culture is easily the most multifaceted of all. Real talk? It could disappear. Big industry is looking to control the weed narrative, again, and we’re not having it. Our ancestors were forced here to grow wealth for others. Our culture is our legacy and one of our greatest natural resources. It must be protected, championed, and promoted, or it runs the risk of dying. Our legacy will not be gentrified. So please, buy some gear – IT’S DOPE AF! -  and help stake a claim in the community. We’re growing this community! We’re creating an online space and vibe that unapologetically celebrates Black entrepreneurs, true cultural and social allies, artists, foodies, writers, activists, and so much more. Buy some gear, enjoy the site and please, come back soon.  

Bryant Mitchell. Owner CEO.

“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” 

                                                              Dr. Mae Jemison: 

                                                              Black Woman. Astronaut.