The Smoke Signal


Grow Together: A Mantra of BlaqSurvival

BY : B. Mark Seabrooks

Not even going to pretend like we’re not trying to sell you this gear. We are. But first, the story why and what “We Grow Together” really means. We ain’t playing. The farmer’s axiom, “Early to bed, early to rise…” has truth in it. Bougie Mike is up at 4, and on this trek thirty minutes later. “I bike, ride the train, take a bus, and a stroll to get here, everyday, and I’m happy to do it. I love being dedicated to this. I’m grateful for this journey.” Seventy miles twice, daily for over a year. Dedication and commitment like this is everything in the cannabis industry. Especially for Black farmers. The French saying goes, “plus ca change.” The more things change. I think Basquiat said it better. SAMO. You see, the famous Basquiat axium came about when the dreadlocked visionary and his boy found themselves, smoking some shitty weed, yet again, in probably a really shitty spot.  when Basquiat observed..., “We’re always smoking the same old shitty weed.” “...same old” became SAMO. I’ve had SAMO.  I’ve smoked shitty weed and I’ve lived in ghettos; you’re literally taking oppression into your lungs. I’ve smoked clean flower and experienced the wellness of breathing in a connection to something ancient. I wonder what Basquiat’s life would have been like with clean weed? If he lived in a community that embraced all of that artistic passion he was radiating and if it could have been radiated back at him in a positive way. What if he had been surrounded by a renaissance of community more powerful than gentrification? What if he was able to stroll through a community filled with Black wellness. Black business. Black, groceries, coffee shops, gyms, wellness centers, and, yes, clean weed shops with medicinal flowers. What if our artist, writers, and thinkers; the Basquats, Balwins, and Birds, and Bae’s of tomorrow had spots like that to grow?

Welcome to Blaqstar Wear. This is the voice of the shop proprietor, (Branded Name to Come) 

… and this is my flowing-blog about my Blaqstar family in this business of weed. By 2024, 150 billion dollars will be generated by the legal cannabis business in America. The number of Black owned and operated cannabis business in Californa in 2020? Less than 4%. 

And we haven’t even gotten to the gangsters. Know this: When you wear a Blaqstar Farms shirt, hat, or mask. You’re wearing a real statement of support of Black Entrepreneurship, Black empowerment, Black controlled destiny.